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Frequently Asked Questions

What is apartment syndication and how does it work?

For apartment syndication, the GP is also referred to as the sponsor or syndicator. The GP is responsible for selecting a target investment market, selecting and hiring the various team members, sourcing capital from passive investors, and managing the entire apartment project from start to finish.

What is syndication in real estate investing?

One of the most common and accessible fields is real estate syndication, but syndication doesn’t have to involve real estate. Syndication is all about scale. It’s taking what would normally be a solo purchase—like a duplex—and blowing it up to bigger proportions, like buying an apartment complex.

Is it possible to get scammed when renting an apartment?

Although it can happen to anyone, keep in mind that most landlords are not trying to scam you. It’s important to be aware of many things when renting an apartment, rental scams included. The safest and most reliable way to rent is to work with a licensed real estate agent.

Why do passive investors turn to real estate syndications?

Many passive investors turn to real estate syndications when investing in multifamily properties. The reasons may vary, but they all come down to the fact that passive investors don’t have the experience, time and necessary funds to purchase multifamily properties on their own.

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