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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I listen to my Apple Music?

To listen: On your Apple Watch, open the Music app. At the top it will say, Choose a music source to play from. Tap the watch icon. If you don’t see this, you can access it by hard pressing the screen, selecting source, and choosing Apple Watch. Select Playlists. At the top you’ll see, On My Apple Watch.

Can you listen to Apple Music offline?

If you want to listen to your Apple Music offline, you’ll need a way to download all Apple Music at once. However, unlike Spotify, Apple Music doesn’t provide a clear Download All button to download your music for offline listening.

Will Apple Music work on Apple TV?

Once you’ve subscribed to Apple Music you need to log into your Apple TV using the same Apple ID as used for your Apple Music account in Settings>Accounts. You can then enable the service on your Apple TV in Settings>Apps>Music, where you should turn on iCloud Music Library in order to access all your own music on the system.

What is Apple Music membership for?

Apple Music Membership. Apple Music is offered as a free three month trial membership. The membership can be acquired for a single person or a group of maximum six people. The membership requires a sign up and group membership requires iCloud Family sharing.

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