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Frequently Asked Questions

How to log into DLC alms Army?

• Click to log in to ALMS (CAC required or DS Logon) • You are now on the ALMS homepage • Under the “Home” menu, click “Search for Training” • Enter the course number/title in the “Search” field: o USACE 770-USACE DOD Cost Estimating Policy Overview.

What is Army Information Awareness Training?

Information Awareness Training. The Army has a number of other training programs: The Cyber Awareness Challenge simulates the decisions that tech-users must make every day. Rather than list rules, the challenge teaches IA awareness via first-person simulations and interactive games. It introduces Army personnel to the threats from spyware,...

What is Army Training Management?

Army Training Management. Training management focuses leaders on the science of training in terms of resource efficiencies (People, time, ammo, etc.) measured against tasks and standards. Training execution focuses leaders on the art of leadership to develop trust, will, and teamwork under varying conditions.

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