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Frequently Asked Questions

How to log into Army 365 email?

MIL/CIV/Ctr employees will have access to the cloud-based Army 365 by using their CAC and current email prefix but with as the ending. (For example [email protected]). Army 365:

How to access Army 365?

Use a web browser to access the A365 web apps by navigating to Enter your email address (it should be the same as your address with “” replaced by “”) and click Next. Then, click “Sign in with CAC/PIV” and use your authentication (not email) certificate.

How to set up new army email?

How do I set up my Army email? Go to Army Knowledge Online, at Locate the “New User” section in the middle of the page.

How to transition to Army 365?

The Army will use a three-phased approach to shift to Army 365. •Phase 1: Teams Migration. The phase begins with the service-wide transition of CVR and Microsoft Teams capabilities before the mandatory sunset of CVR by June 15.

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