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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use the gears system?

It's a wonderful system once you figure it out. We use it. It just confirms that S1 hasnt lost our paperwork, they are actually ignoring it. They used it and only it. Problem was, my commander at the time had a habit of sitting on paperwork in GEARS for weeks in any given instance, our S1 did the same.

Can you write comments in the gear Wars?

I like that you can write comments in it and so can your leadership. How much do you know about the Gear Wars?

Why do you love gears?

I love GEARS for a multitude of reasons mainly for identifying the weakest link in the admin chain, for godsakes when documents spend less time in a Divisional CoS DCSM,or CG's box then a random ass 1 Shop clerk, you know where the problem lies.

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