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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ASCII code used for?

ASCII (pronounced az-skee, rhymes with 'pass-key'), is a table of characters for computers. It is binary code used by electronic equipment to handle text using the English alphabet, numbers, and other common symbols. ASCII is an abbreviation for American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

What is the definition of ASCII code?

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is the most common format for text files in computers and on the Internet. In an ASCII file, each alphabetic, numeric, or special character is represented with a 7-bit binary number (a string of seven 0s or 1s).

What is the ASCII code for a copyright symbol?

Enter the copyright symbol using extended ASCII character codes. Press and hold the "ALT" key and type "184" on the numeric keypad. When you release the ALT key, the symbol will appear.

What is the ASCII code for carriage return line feed?

There are two newline characters CR(Carriage return or ‘\r’) and LF(Line feed or ‘\n’) ASCII Code for LF is 10 and for CR is 13.

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