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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you be allergic to peg asparaginase?

Clinical allergy to PEG-asparaginase occurred early in treatment, was in general moderate in severity, and mostly developed within 2 hr after PEG-asparaginase administration. The risk of subsequent Erwinase allergic reactions was low.

What are asparaginases used to treat?

Abstract Asparaginases are a cornerstone of treatment protocols for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and are used for remission induction and intensification treatment in all pediatric regimens and in the majority of adult protocols.

What is the difference between asparaginase and Pegaspargase?

Pegaspargase is a modified version of the enzyme asparaginase. When pegaspargase breaks down asparagine it is broken down into 2 chemicals, aspartic acid and ammonia.

What is the recommended dose of Peg asparaginase?

Recommendation from the roundtable regarding the management of hepatoxicity The recommended dose of PEG asparaginase is not finalised, although in adults it is not greater than 2000 IU/m2.

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