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Frequently Asked Questions

How to become an Avis preferred member?

How to join Avis Preferred. The process of gaining membership is straightforward. First, you need to sign up online on the Avis website, with your credit card information and driver's license number. After doing so, you'll receive an Avis Wizard Number. Think of your Wizard Number as an Avis Preferred Program membership number.

What cars does Avis Rent?

Premium Car Models Chevrolet Impala. Experience balanced handling and a smooth and comfortable ride with a Chevy Impala rental from Avis. Volkswagen Passat. A Volkswagen Passat rental offers reasonable gas mileage, a sporty look, and plenty of passenger room for travelers. Ford Taurus. ... Nissan Maxima. ... Toyota Avalon. ...

What is Avis preferred program?

About Avis Preferred. The Avis Preferred program offers complimentary enrollment, and its primary feature is the ability to skip the line. Other benefits include access to the Avis Preferred Select & Go program, which is available at some large airport locations in North America.

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