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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become AWS Certified?

You can pass the exam after only around 10 hours of study. So you could realistically become AWS Certified within a week. Here's the full course - free and with no ads - from freeCodeCamp's YouTube channel:

How to get started with AWS certifications?

How to Get AWS Certified? While there are not standard define steps to start AWS certification, below-given steps are the most straight-forward. Step 1) Select module. First of all, you need to Enroll yourself in an AWS training class. Select the desired module that you wants to take. Step 2) Review all study materials

What AWS certification should you get?

AWS certifications break down into a handful of categories: Foundational: This certification represents “six months of fundamental AWS Cloud and industry knowledge,” in Amazon’s words. Associate: “ One year of experience solving problems and implementing solutions using the AWS Cloud,” according to Amazon.

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