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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another name for Baloch?

Alternative Titles: Baluch, Beluch. Baloch, also spelled Baluch or Beluch, group of tribes speaking the Balochi language and estimated at about five million inhabitants in the province of Balochistān in Pakistan and also neighbouring areas of Iran and Afghanistan.

What language is Balochi?

Balochi ( بلۏچی ‎, Balòči) is a Northwestern Iranian language spoken primarily in the Balochistan region divided between Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan .

How did the Baloch live?

Baloch. The Baloch are traditionally nomads, but settled agricultural existence is becoming more common; every chief has a fixed residence. The villages are collections of mud or stone huts; on the hills, enclosures of rough stone walls are covered with matting to serve as temporary habitations.

What is the best book on the grammar of Balochi?

The Grammar of Balochi Language. Quetta: Balochi Academy, iii, 193 p. Andronov, M. S. 2001. A Grammar of the Balochi Language in Comparative Treatment. Munich. Bashir, E. L. 1991. A Contrastive Analysis of Balochi and Urdu.

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