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Frequently Asked Questions

Which MLB team has the most Hall of Famer?

The Chicago Bears have the most people in the Hall of Fame with 26, followed by Green Bay with 20.

Who is the first person to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

To the top. In Baseball's first Hall of Fame class, Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, Honus Wagner, and Babe Ruth were inducted as five of the finest players of the era controlling the election ballots in 1936.

What position did Hall of Fame baseball player Lou Brock play?

Lou Brock. He began his 19-year Major League Baseball (MLB) career playing in 1961 for the Chicago Cubs, and spent the majority of his career playing as a left fielder for the St. Louis Cardinals. He was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1985 and the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame in 2014.

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