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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to listen to BBC World Service radio?

The broadcast is available on the digital ways like DAB Digital Radio and Digital TV, we recommend the worldwide available online radio stream. Meghan Trainor feat. Seth McFarlane - White Christmas

How long has BBC World Service been broadcasting?

BBC World Service began in 1932. It is a multimedia broadcaster internationally available on television, radio, and online. It provides news and analysis reports in English and 40 languages globally. It is listened to in the UK, London, and its surroundings via the radio and television and across the Globe online.

What languages does BBC World Service radio offer?

There is also analysis and information from the BBC World Service, which includes a 24-hour worldwide radio network in English and separate services in 27 other languages. You can listen live or listen again later in the BBC's podcast service.

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