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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Northern Ireland Protocol?

The Northern Ireland Protocol is at the centre of a dispute between the UK and the EU. How hot is it where you are? Compare the temperature in your area to other locations in the UK and around the world. BBC News NI looks at the key moments around Northern Ireland's long-debated abortion laws. How does power-sharing work in Northern Ireland?

Is Northern Ireland entering a recession?

Private sector output declined for a seventh consecutive month, suggesting Northern Ireland may have entered a recession. The weather forecast in Northern Ireland. Strabane has recorded level 10 - the highest number on the scale and Newtownstewart is at level eight.

What happens if the Northern Ireland Assembly fails to elect a speaker?

Updates as they happened as the Northern Ireland Assembly fails to elect a speaker for the fifth time. Chris Heaton-Harris will also have to call an election if the institutions are not restored by mid-January. Gerry Hutch is accused of killing David Byrne during a boxing weigh-in at a Dublin hotel in 2016.

Does the White House have a 'desire' to fill Northern Ireland's ambassador post?

The value of sales increased by 7% from £13.4bn in 2020 and 2019 to £14.4bn in 2021. John McBurney of the Independent Reporting Commission was speaking to MPs on a Westminster committee. A former Irish ambassador to the United States says the White House has a "desire" to fill the post. When will Northern Ireland next go to the polls?

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