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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BlueChoice advantage-HDHP option?

BlueChoice Advantage-HDHP Option offers in-network coverage nationwide to help control your out-of-pocket costs.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Blue Cross Blue Shield’s offerings have advantages and disadvantages: Wide network: With BCBS companies providing Medicare Advantage plans in 47 states and Puerto Rico, there’s a good chance you have access to a plan from a BCBS insurer. Low-cost plans available: BCBS companies offer plans with $0 premiums in 44 states.

Is Blue Cross Blue Shield a health maintenance organization?

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans, or MAPDs, as well as stand-alone Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans without drug coverage. A health maintenance organization, or HMO, generally requires that you use a specific network of doctors and hospitals.

How much does Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare cost?

One of the costs to consider is the plan’s premium, and Blue Cross Blue Shield offers $0-premium Medicare Advantage plans in 40 states and Puerto Rico. Monthly premiums for Blue-branded Medicare Advantage plans that aren’t $0-premium range from $1.80 to $300. Blue-branded Special Needs Plans have premiums that range from $0 to $59.

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