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Frequently Asked Questions

Is November a good time to visit Argentina?

A visit to Argentina in November generally means avoiding the crowds that build up for December. It's one of the greener months to visit the often arid landscape of Salta and the northeast. The middle of Argentina's summer can be a busy time to visit, but also offers the best chance of warm, clear weather in Patagonia.

When is the best time to visit Buenos Aires?

Temperature-wise the shoulder seasons are the best times to visit Buenos Aires. The Lake District is pleasant; leaves are spectacular in March and April. The Mendoza region has its grape harvests and wine festival. Low season is a good time to visit the north. Many services close at beach resorts, and mountain passes can be blocked by snow.

What are the best places to visit in Argentina?

The neighborhoods of Recoleta, Retiro, Palermo and San Telmo offer a great mix of sights, places to eat and local character. 2. The Pampas The flat, fertile grasslands that cover much of central Argentina are known as the Pampas, dominated by the cattle industry and synonymous with gaucho (cowboy) culture.

Is Buenos Aires worth a day trip?

Buenos Aires pulls you in with a magnetic grip, but beyond the city limits, you can explore even more on a day trip. With its vast open spaces, dramatic scenery and endless highways, Argentina is an ideal place to hit the road. Here are our top routes for epic drives.

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