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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Birchbox worth the money?

While it seems that most of the buzz is attributed to Ipsy, the positivity for both of these brands is relatively the same. A majority of buyers agree that Birchbox and Ipsy are well worth the splurge given its curation of high-quality products.

How much is Birchbox monthly?

It's a subscription model that makes sense and is one monthly delivery you'll always be excited to receive. Here is the pricing for new Birchbox subscribers: $13/month for a yearly subscription $14/month for a six month subscription $15/month for a monthly subscription Start your Birchbox subscription here.

What is Birchbox and how does it work?

The purpose of Birchbox is to introduce subscribers to new products and brands that they can then re-purchase in full sizes and introduce into their regular beauty routine. Each Birchbox subscriber fills out a profile that covers everything from their age, skin type, hair type, concerns, style, and preferences.

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