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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of bivouacked?

Define bivouacked. bivouacked synonyms, bivouacked pronunciation, bivouacked translation, English dictionary definition of bivouacked. n. A temporary encampment often in an unsheltered area. intr.v. biv·ou·acked , biv·ou·ack·ing , biv·ou·acs also biv·ou·acks To camp in a bivouac.

What is the difference between a bivouac and a sack?

(The word also sometimes refers to a special type of bivouac sack (see below). A bivouac sack is a smaller type of bivouac shelter. Generally it is a portable, lightweight, waterproof shelter, and an alternative to larger bivouac shelters.

What is a bivouac shelter called?

Bivouac shelter. It referred to an additional watch that would be maintained by a military or civilian force to increase vigilance at an encampment. Following use by the troops of the British Empire the term became also known as bivvy for short.

What are Artificial bivouacs made of?

Artificial bivouacs can be constructed using a variety of available materials from corrugated iron sheeting or plywood, to groundsheets or a purpose-made basha. Although these have the advantage of being speedy to erect and resource efficient they have relatively poor insulation properties. There are many different ways to put up a bivouac shelter.

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