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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a ban on Bivouac in Switzerland?

The situation in Switzerland is a bit more complicated because bivouac and wild camping are not banned at the national level. The rules in force are relegated to the cantonal or even communal level, which slightly complicates the situation (given that there are more than 2200 municipalities).

Which is the best definition of Bivouac camping?

Beyond the definitions and regulations, bivouac for us is above all a mindset, a way to be freer / more autonomous during long itinerant hikes. The bivouac mindset is: Dare to set off on an adventure without knowing in advance where you’re going to sleep

Are there bivouac areas in the Belgian wilderness?

However, there are a few public bivouac areas on Belgian territory that allow hikers to spend a night in the wilderness. As there are not many of them, these bivouac areas can be quite popular and unfortunately also sometimes attract disrespectful people (noise pollution, rubbish, parties…).

Can you mix up bivouac and wild camping?

Do not mix up bivouac and wild camping! They are two distinct activities that are not necessarily subject to the same regulations (at least how we define them in France or Switzerland).

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