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Frequently Asked Questions

What does toxic do in Blissey?

Toxic helps Blissey pressure setup sweepers, such as Mega Houndoom and Latias, which would otherwise take advantage of it. Toxic also lets it cripple physical attackers, such as Infernape and Mamoswine, that tend to switch into it.

Is Blissey vulnerable to taunt?

However, Blissey is a very passive Pokemon and is vulnerable to Taunt. Blissey is also threatened by the prevalence of strong Knock Off users such as Landorus-T, Ferrothorn, and Clefable due to its poor physical bulk and reliance on Heavy-Duty Boots to prevent it from being worn down by entry hazards. Does damage equal to the user's level.

What is Blissey and how does it work?

Blissey fits well on teams such as bulky offense and balance, as it checks dangerous special attackers such as Nidoking and Volcanion and generates momentum against them.

What Pokemon can beat Blissey?

Spikes setters, such as Klefki and Chesnaught, help punish Fighting-types that tend to switch into Blissey, such as Cobalion and Terrakion. Certain special setup sweepers, such as Celebi and Togekiss, are capable of beating Blissey. Hence, Pokemon that beat those make great partners. Mega Aerodactyl and Alolan Muk are great examples.

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