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Frequently Asked Questions

Is brass a good electrical conductor?

Although it is considered to be a good electric conductor, brass is only 28 percent as conductive as copper. Zinc makes up the other part of the alloy and degrades its electric performance.

Is brass a strong metal?

Basic brass has approximately 67% copper and 33% zinc, making it stronger and more durable than copper, although not as strong as metals like steel. Alloys with even less zinc start to turn reddish in color, and are sometimes called red brass.

Is brass considered a metal?

Brass is any alloy consisting primarily of copper, usually with zinc. In some cases, copper with tin is considered a type of brass, although this metal historically has been called bronze.

What are facts about brass?

Brass Properties Brass often has a bright gold appearance, however, it can also be reddish-gold or silvery-white. ... Brass has higher malleability than either bronze or zinc. Brass has desirable acoustic properties appropriate for use in musical instruments. The metal exhibits low friction. More items...

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