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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Buck Moon?

The Buck Moon is a nickname given to full moons that take place in July, and it’s named for the fact that male deer antlers typically reach the peak of their growth at this point in the summer. But because we’re dealing in the mystical world of moon magic, we can’t simply take this explanation literally.

What is the July 2021 full moon?

The July 2021 full moon (which is also known as the Buck Moon) is ushering us into the middle portion of summer and illuminating our sense of individuality — inspiring us to break out of our boxes and connect more deeply with the collective ...

When is the next lunar eclipse?

The next full lunar eclipse is in May 2022 and will be visible from North America. The name "Buck Moon" arises from a traditional name from the Algonquin tribes, according to a NASA July 2021 moon guide, in what is now the northeastern United States, eastern Ontario and southern Quebec.

What is the name of the July full moon?

The name of the July full moon differs across cultures, however. Some Native American tribes name it for the hot summer season. The Comanche people call this event “urui mua,” or “hot moon,” and the Kalapuya people refer to it as “ameku,” meaning “mid summer moon,” according to the Western Washington University Planetarium website.

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