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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Buspar taken off the market?

The active ingredient in Buspar is buspirone, which is an anti-anxiety medicine. The drug was originally developed by GlaxoSmithKline. In December 2015, the drug was taken off the market in the United States due to production issues from its manufacturer, Teva Pharmaceuticals.

Is Buspar better than Xanax?

In a study comparing Buspar and Xanax, both drugs were equally effective in treating anxiety symptoms, and Buspar had fewer side effects and fewer withdrawal symptoms than Xanax. Another study looked at Buspar and Xanax, and Valium (diazepam), and the effect on daytime sleepiness. The study found Buspar to cause the least drowsiness among all.

Is Buspar like Xanax?

Read Responses (2) It is not same as xanax, even though it is similar and is prescribed usually for anxiety, but unlike xanax you need to take it for a couple of weeks to start seeing results. Xanax is a benzo which is very addictive, Buspar acts like a benzo but does not carry the addictive nature so is far safer in the long term. It does though need to build up in the system like an anti-d to start feeling the results where xanax is more for instant relief.

Does Buspar really work?

Unlike most anti-anxiety medications, buspirone does not work like a muscle relaxant. It also does not come with major sedative effects. Instead, studies show that buspirone attaches to certain serotonin receptors. These are cells that bind to a chemical, called serotonin, which helps stabilize and improve our mood.

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