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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is cactus wellhead?

Cactus Wellhead manufactures and services pressure control equipment for onshore and offshore oil and gas drilling, completion and production. Cactus Wellhead designs, engineers and manufactures API Spec 6A wellhead products to meet our customers’ wellsite requirements.

How do I send a note to Cactus wellhead?

To send us a note, simply fill out the form below and a Cactus Wellhead representative will contact you shortly. Corporate headquarters are located at: 920 Memorial City Way, Suite 300, Houston, TX 77024

Why choose cactus wellhead for your frac job?

Cactus Wellhead has the quality products and the experienced service technicians to assure that your frac job is going to be completed without surprises. Cactus Wellhead sets and adheres to its own strict safety standards, assuring that our global and domestic projects are incident-free.

Why work for cactus?

As a company, our roots go back 50 years and three generations. We are well known and trusted by the industry for our integrity, responsiveness and problem-solving capabilities. Customer responses to our post-job completion surveys confirm their satisfaction with and confidence in their continuing relationship with Cactus.

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