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Frequently Asked Questions

How many violins do you need to play Pachelbel's Canon?

One of the most popular arrangements is the string quartet: two violins, one viola, and one cello. Download my free sheet music PDF here to learn this famous piece! All the fingerings and bowings you’ll need to play Pachelbel’s Canon are included in the sheet music pdf. Here are a few tips to master the style of this music:

Who composed canon in D?

Canon in D was composed by Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706), a German organist, teacher and composer. Pachelbel composed music for organ, voice, harpsichord, and chamber ensembles, and the majority of his music was composed for church services. His organ chorales and sacred vocal music are considered significant contributions to Protestant church ...

What is canon in D?

Canon in D is an intermediate-level piece for violin. My suggested fingerings in the sheet music switch mostly between the first and third position. If you feel comfortable in both positions, you should try playing the music! What musical form is Canon in D? Canon in D is a “canon”: a melody that is imitated.

What is canon music?

The term canon is often used to describe a form of composition in which two or more voices follow in imitation of each other, often in an overlapping format. [1]

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