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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cardano a good investment?

Besides, Cardano is a good investment for people who want to diversify their portfolios and reduce exposure to risks and spread rewards, which is crucial in times of financial instability. Talking about risks, however, although Cardano is seen as a good investment, cryptocurrency investing remains a risky venture.

Is Cardano (Ada) a good investment?

It is a good coin for general cryptocurrency enthusiasts, ADA is also a good investment for thematic investors in the blockchain sector. According to Sean Williams, Cardano's performance in 2020 was as follows: "Crypto investors have also seen Cardano's Ada token blow bitcoin out of the water this year.

Where to buy Cardano coin?

OKEx is the leading Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy Cardano coins instantly. The exchange is one of the most reputable trading platforms in the cryptocurrency industry, as it supports several trading options, and of course, OKEx supports a good number of digital currencies on its platform.

What is Cardano (Ada)?

Cardano happens to be the world’s first peer-reviewed blockchain and was founded back in 2017. It uses the token symbol ADA, named after the 19th-century mathematician Ada Lovelace, the daughter of the poet Lord Byron. The blockchain can be leveraged to develop smart contracts, and in turn, build decentralized applications (DApps) and protocols.

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