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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of Bowman cards available in 2019?

The popular product offers the first Bowman cards and the first Bowman Chrome cards of the season. Like in 2019, there is a standard Hobby box format with one autograph and the Jumbo HTA edition.

What's new in 2021 bowman chrome baseball cards?

Featuring 250 cards between the Base Chrome and Chrome Prospect card selection, 2021 Bowman Chrome Baseball continues to expand the Refractor rainbow. For the base chromium cards, new options include Fuchsia Refractor (#/199) and Yellow Refractor (#/75).

How many base cards are in the 2020 Bowman baseball paper set?

The paper set for 2020 Bowman Baseball offers 100 base cards and 150 prospects with several parallels. This includes the retail Camo parallels for prospects that are only found in Value Packs.

What is the new 2021 Bowman baseball boxes?

2021 Bowman Baseball marks the start of the prospecting season for collectors, offering another batch of rising names. The product from Topps is one part of the annual three-headed Bowman powerhouse that also features Bowman Chrome and Bowman Draft. Formats include the normal Hobby box with one autograph and the HTA Jumbo box with three autographs.

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