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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cardiac assessment?

A focused assessment of the cardiac system includes a review for common or concerning symptoms: Chest pain-assess location, when it occurs, intensity, type, duration, with or without exertion, radiation, associated symptoms (shortness of breath, sweating, nausea, palpitations, anxiety), and alleviating factors.

What is the assessment of the cardiovascular system?

Assessment of the cardiovascular system involves evaluating the adequacy of the heart’s ability to pump blood and perfuse tissues. The perfusion process is similar to a plumbing system: the heart acts as the pump to deliver oxygenated blood to the cells, and the vascular network functions as the pipes.

What is cardiovascular assessment?

Cardiovascular Assessment. Charting is a method of recoding that you did take the appropriate action for the situation; “notified MD and no treatment at this time.” this charting protects the patient, and protects the nurse. It lets everyone know that you performed the correction action in response to your abnormal findings.

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