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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CatCat Mario 2 a flash game?

Cat Mario 2 is a Flash game which is not supported anymore. Please check our similar games! Rabbit Planet Escape! How to play Cat Mario 2? Enjoy this sequel to the beloved Cat Mario!

What is the file size for Cat Mario?

Add fileCat Mario WINDONS DOWNLOAD 1.1.2 Location Games: Cat Mario: Files Filename Category Full Version Uploader AranhaExtreme Added Jun 16th, 2013 Size 10.75mb (11,267,348 bytes) Downloads 98,231 (3 today) MD5 Hash 054d67439804299b350769f2f5785ca3 Embed Button

Is there a Cat Mario 3 on PS4?

New stages (more coming soon if Daka leave your : ( PS4) we'll probably publish Cat Mario 3 next year, so keep an eye! Hope you enjoy, and thanks to our new produtor Spanish Area Productions for all resources that gave in, bye!

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