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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of hooks work best on catfish?

Catfish Hook Styles Circle Hooks. Circle hooks are quite commonly used with catfish since they allow for an easy and harmless catch. ... Kahle Hooks. The most notable feature of Kahle hooks is the wider gap which allows for the use of larger bait. ... Treble Hook. Treble hooks are also very commonly used by anglers with catfish, but not in catch-and-release fishing.

What is the best size for a catfish hook?

Fish hook size chart and recommended usage: Size-8 is perfect for pinfish. Size 6-1/0 is for catching carp, bass, wall eye Size 4-1/0 is for catfish and carp Size 1/0-4/0 is for walleye, bass Size 3/0-7/0 is designed for pike, bass Circle hook vs octopus hook: Circle hook can be used in the proper way. ... Use the perfect bait to catch a catfish. ... Let the hook points exposed. ... More items...

How do you remove catfish from Hook?

Catfish are slimy and can be difficult to get a firm grip on. With your hand over its back, grasp the fish firmly behind its gills. Use the needle nose pliers to remove the hook from the Catfish's mouth. Keep your hand as far away from its mouth as possible.

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