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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proper definition of center of mass?

The center of mass is the unique point at the center of a distribution of mass in space that has the property that the weighted position vectors relative to this point sum to zero. In analogy to statistics, the center of mass is the mean location of a distribution of mass in space.

What is mean by center of mass?

center of mass. n. pl. centers of mass Abbr. CM. The point in a system of bodies or an extended body at which the mass of the system may be considered to be concentrated and at which external forces may be considered to be applied. Also called barycenter, centroid.

Does center of mass really exist?

The center of mass of a body is the mean position of the mass of a body; it is the point at which the distribution of mass is equal in all directions and does not depend on the gravitational field. Nevertheless, if the gravitational field is uniform the center of mass and the center of gravity are in the same place.

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