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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best course for a CHED scholarship?

Shown below is the updated list of 2021 CHED Scholarship Priority Courses 4: National Priority Programs. 1. Science and Mathematics. 2. Information Technology Education. 3. Engineering and Technology. 4. Architecture. 5. Business and Management. 6. Health Profession Education. 7. Maritime Education.

Are there any Lucs on the CHED list?

Note: The list does not include Local Universities and Colleges (LUCs). For programs that are not included in the list offered by a particular Higher Education Institutions, please contact the CHED Regional Office concerned.

Where can I apply for CHED institutional grant?

The Commission on Higher Education, through the Office of Institutional Quality Assurance and Governance (01QAG), is inviting interested State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and CHED-Recognized Local Universities and Colleges (LUCs) to submit project proposals for CHED Institutional Grant for Fiscal Year 2019.

Can you get a GED at CVTC River Falls?

CVTC offers two options for high school completion: the GED certificate and the HSED. The River Falls Campus has several options available for meetings, events, and trainings. If you attend our River Falls campus, a new option is apartment rentals – Campusview Real Estate.

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