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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spoonbridge and Cherry?

Spoonbridge and Cherry. A toweringly silly piece of modern art has been delighting locals since the 1980's. As far as iconic pieces of public art go, none may be as daringly modern or whimsical as Minneapolis’ iconic Spoonbridge and Cherry.

When is the Cherry spoon coming back to Minneapolis?

The cherry hasn’t been separated from the spoon for repainting and restoration since 2009. This year the cherry will partly be spending the winter in New York as it is restored by Fine Art Finishes, but will be returning to Minneapolis in mid-January of 2022.

How much does a black cherry spoon weigh?

A large spoon with a cherry suspended on the rim. Water exits the cherry from both ends of the black cherry stem. Sculpture weighs approximately 7000 lbs..

What is a Cherry Pond?

The cherry’s stem also acts as a fountain which sprays into the bowl of the spoon and off into the pond beneath. Even the pond itself has meaning, being shaped to resemble a linden seed, drawing attention to the rows of linden trees planted nearby. The city of Minneapolis seems to have largely embraced the massive sculpture,...

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