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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chubby's a good place to eat in Pigeon Forge?

Chubby's has fantastic home cooking without the inflated tourist prices you'll find at many places in Pigeon Forge. I had the Open Faced Roast Beef on Bread w/ Brown Gravy, Fried Okra, and Pinto Beans. They also brought out shaved onion for my pinto beans - delicious! The fried okra took me back and the open faced roast beef was quite tasty.

Where can I visit Chubbies?

Visit Chubbies at one of our 8 locations in Texas, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Hawaii.

What to eat at El Chubby's?

EL CHUBBY’S SAMPLER (small beef and bean burrito, beef taco, and bean tostada) served with rice and beans. Cheese enchilada and smothered relleno served with rice and beans. Small beef and bean burrito, cheese enchilada, and beef taco served with rice and beans.

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