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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fish in Dixon Lake in California?

Dixon Lake is located in the northern Escondido hills and offers fishing, camping, boating, hiking and picnicking. Dixon Lake is open year-round. Gates open at 6:00 a.m. daily; park closes at dusk. Night fishing is available during the summer months. Dixon Lake is stocked with trout and catfish annually.

How do I make a reservation at Dixon Lake?

The reservation desk can be reached Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Walk-up reservations can be taken any time the Dixon Lake Concession Stand is open. Reservations are accepted up to 90 days in advance, and must be paid for in full when booking, whether on line, by phone or in person.

What are the restrictions on Dixon Lake?

Restricted equipment includes private boats, canoes, kayaks, float tubes, trolling motors, fish finders, anchors and other equipment that contacts the water. There is no body contact allowed with the waters of Dixon Lake at any time. Remember, consuming alcohol and smoking are prohibited at all times in day use areas, on the shore or on boats.

What is the history of Dixon Lake?

History. The dam at Dixon Lake was completed in 1971 as the result of a water storage act that was passed almost a decade prior. Built in a time when fishing was at the forefront of recreation in San Diego, Dixon was built with the plan of creating a good fishery and recreational facility. Fish were stocked 6 years before it opened,...

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