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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean a dog bed?

Load the dog bed cover or the entire bed into a front-load washing machine and wash it in hot water to kill any insects and eggs that may be on the bed. Dogs are sensitive to chemicals, so use a mild detergent to prevent irritation.

What is the best dog bed for small dogs?

The classic round dog bed is one of the best styles for your small dog. Smaller dogs and puppies can curl up and snuggle down into the bed, while the raised sides provide your pup with a feeling warmth and protection.

Can dogs be allergic to their beds?

Allergy Bedding for Dogs. Allergy bedding is specifically made for dogs that suffer from allergies. Canines can develop allergic reactions to certain substances that are present in the air or allergens that their skin comes in contact with. Pet bedding is also known to trigger allergies in pets because some of the beds,...

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