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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about the cliphanger?

From selfies to sharing a moment with your grandkids, Cliphanger gives you nearly unlimited options for how you hold the phone. The new KickStand is the newest in our range of phone accessibility products geared towards all generations.

Can you use eagle clips on panel hangers?

Eagle-Clip Z Clips remain concealed after installation, allowing for pre-finishing without time-consuming face nailing or on-the-job finishing. Because of the ease of installation and cost-effectiveness, you can save as much as 50% by choosing Eagle-Clip Z Clips and Panel Hanger products.

What are the different types of z clips?

Z-Clips are used in the same way a French Cleat is used. They are also commonly called Z rails, Z bars, Z hangers, wall panel clips and panel rails, hanging clips, hanging bars, hanger rails and hanging cleats. Or, in our case, the Eagle-Clip Z-Clip.

How do you attach z clips to wall?

To install, simply fasten one Z Clip to the wall and another to the panel you want to hang. The Z shaped clips wedge together locking the panels solidly and securely in place.

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