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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a new cloudpat client be installed automatically?

New CloudPAT users can login and the CloudPAT client will be installed automatically once they interface with the device. This website uses cookies to analyze visits to our website and help us improve our website and services.

Who is cloudpay and what does it do?

CloudPay is defining the modern pay experience by providing a unified global payroll, treasury, and on-demand pay solution across 130+ countries. CLOUDPAY IN THE SUNDAY TIMES - DOWNLOAD SPECIAL REPORT

Can you use Cloudpath es as a VM?

Cloudpath ES is deployable on-premise as a VMware server (s) or is available as a cloud service to make a powerful addition to existing ZoneDirector and SmartZone platforms. To request a Demo for a CP Trial account, click this Link.

How is watchpat used for home sleep testing?

• WatchPAT is a non-invasive home care device for use with patients suspected of having sleep related breathing disorders. It is an easily applied, wrist- worn, device with a single thimble-like biosensor that is placed on the any one of the fingers, excluding the thumb.

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