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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Cloudpath support?

+1 303.647.1495 | +44 (01) 161.261.1400 | [email protected] | | ©2017 Ruckus Wireless, Inc. Cloudpath Quick Start Guide Cloudpath Security and Management Platform

What is Cloudpath es?

Cloudpath Security and Management Platform Cloudpath Enrollment System (ES) software is a security and policy management platform that enables any IT organization to protect the network by easily and definitively securing users and their wired and wireless devices—while freeing those users and IT itself from the tyranny of passwords.

Does cloudcloudpath support device-based and location-based authentication?

Cloudpath also supports Device-based, Location-based, Web authentication, and Voucher List filters. This filter only allows users that match the BYOD APPAD group name pattern to view the Personal Deviceuser prompt. Users that are not in the BYOD APPAD group cannot enroll personal devices on the network.

What is Cloudpath External Reporting Server?

•External Reporting Server - Allows you to integrate Cloudpath enrollment data with a reporting server, such as the ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana). •DHCP Fingerprinting - DHCP fingerprinting provides information about the devices on your network.

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