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Frequently Asked Questions

What were the committees of correspondence?

Committees of correspondence were emergency provisional governments set up in the 13 American colonies in response to British policies leading up to the Revolutionary War (also known as the American Revolution).

What was the purpose of the commune of correspondence?

Committees of Correspondence. The following year, New York formed a similar committee to keep the other colonies notified of its actions in resisting the Stamp Act. In 1773, the Virginia House of Burgesses proposed that each colonial legislature appoint a committee for intercolonial correspondence.

Who was a member of Virginia's Committee of correspondence?

Thomas Jefferson was a member of Virginia's Committee of Correspondence. The committees of correspondence were groups formed by legislatures or special organizations to provide a means of communication between political leaders of the 13 U.S. colonies in the 18th century.

Who were the committees of correspondence in the Boston Tea Party?

The Committees of Correspondence: The Voice of the Patriots. In late 1773, the Boston Committee of Correspondence was charged with managing the “tea crisis” and was the driving force of the December 16, 1773 Boston Tea Party… These Committees of Correspondence were intercolonial standing provincial governments.

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