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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to treat a compression fracture?

Traditional treatment for compression fractures include pain medications, bed rest, bracing or, in very severe cases, surgery. Today there are two promising therapeutic and preventive treatments for compression fractures called vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty.

What are the complications of a compression fracture?

Complications of vertebral compression fractures include the following: deep venous thrombosis; acceleration of osteoporosis; loss of height; respiratory or gastrointestinal disturbances; and emotional and social problems secondary to unremitting pain and loss of independence.

What causes vertebral compression fracture?

Vertebral compression fractures result when the bone tissue of the vertebral body collapses. The condition is most often caused by osteoporosis and may be caused by trauma to the back, such as a fall or vehicular accident.

What is treatment for compression fracture?

For the most part, nonoperative treatments are recommended for compression fracture. These treatments include pain medications and modified physical activity. The doctor may recommend wearing a brace that helps support the back and prevents bending forward, and therefore removes pressure from the fractured vertebrae.

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