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Frequently Asked Questions

Do compression socks really help runners?

Benefits of Compression Socks for Runners. According to, compression socks show the most benefit to runners when they are sitting. Compression applies gentle pressure on the blood vessels in the calves so that blood cannot pool in the lower legs while stationary.

What are the best compression stockings?

Louis Prevosti, MD. The best compression stockings to treat varicose veins and the underlying condition called venous insufficiency (also called venous reflux) are usually a 20-30 mmHg graduated compression stockings. The stockings can be calf high, thigh high, or waist high. They come closed toe or open toe.

Is compression gear helpful for runners?

Manufacturers claim that compression helps to increase blood circulation, reduce blood lactate concentration while running, and control the amount of muscle movement that happens while running. While not everyone needs compression gear, every runner can benefit from wearing compression for recovery.

What are the best compression socks for running?

The best running compression socks are: 2XU Compression Calf Guards with Stirrup. These socks offer knee-high comfort with a tight fit that still allows great mobility. Ironman Endurance Pro. This compression sock is a knee-high calf-hugger. CW-X Compression Socks. These socks offer durability and comfort. Sugoi R&R Knee High Compression.

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