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Frequently Asked Questions

Can compression stockings cause toe pain?

If you experience a sudden, violent, involuntary contraction of any muscle in your toe, or toes, accompanied by sudden pain and function interference, producing sudden and involuntary movement as well as distortion, your compression stockings are doing more harm than good for your body .

What are compression socks?

Compression socks (or compression stockings) are socks of various length that are designed to gently squeeze legs a bit more than typical socks. “The key intention,” Dr. Botek says, “is to promote better blood circulation in the legs.” A proponent of compression socks, Dr. Botek adds, “It’s a very practical and common thing.

What is a compression sock?

Compression socks are footwear / leg wear that utilize elastic fibers or rubber materials (often spandex) in order to squeeze the lower leg via increasing pressure and as a result, increasing blood flow. See the table below to find the best compression socks using our compression socks reviews.

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