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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CPT theory?

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) is based on cognitive theory (1). CPT posits that individuals organize information into schemas (categories of information) to make sense of the world, interpret new information, and exert some level of prediction and control over their experiences.

What is cognitive processing therapy?

What Is Cognitive Processing Therapy? Cognitive processing therapy (CPT) is a specific type of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) developed to treat posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). CPT helps identify, address, and challenge any negative or unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that may arise after a traumatic event.

What is the CPT code for C section?

What is the CPT code for cesarean delivery? CPT code 59510. 59510 is a global code that includes antepartum and postpartum care. Only use code 59510 if you were the physician who provided the antepartum and postpartum care. codes of 59400 (Vaginal delivery) or 59510 (Cesarean delivery).

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