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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cranbrook Institute of Science?

As Michigan’s premiere museum of natural history, Cranbrook Institute of Science offers the opportunity to explore the science in our everyday lives.

Why host a party at Cranbrook Institute of Science?

Host a party in the unique atmosphere of a museum. Cranbrook Institute of Science offers an ideal setting for corporate or private events. Keep learning alive through special programs, lectures and events and help us generate the enthusiasm for learning about the natural world that will produce the scientists of tomorrow!

What is @Cranbrook Center for collections and research?

Cranbrook Center for Collections and Research opened in fall of 2012 to allow the Cranbrook Community to develop new educational and research opportunities drawn from its extensive archives and the diverse collections at Cranbrook.

How long has Cranbrook Academy of Art been in business?

More than 75 years of excellence and innovation in Art and Design. Cranbrook Academy of Art is an independent graduate degree-granting institution offering an intense studio-based experience where artists-in-residence mentor students in art, architecture and design to creatively influence contemporary culture worldwide.

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