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Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate loan repayment in Credit Foncier?

To calculate Payments, fill in Loan Term *2. To calculate Loan Term to pay off a loan, input a repayment amount in Credit Foncier *3. The Schedule of loan repayments may be exported to an Excel spreadsheet

What kind of loan does a Credit Foncier have?

The Crédit Foncier had a monopoly on mortgages. In modern banking terminology a “credit foncier” loan is a loan for a fixed period with regular repayments where each repayment includes components of both principal and interest, such that at the end of the period the principal will have been entirely repaid.

Who is the CEO of the Credit Foncier?

The current CEO is Bruno Deletré. On 26 June 2018 it was announced that the organisation was to be closed, and its activities integrated into BPCE. The Crédit Foncier (English: landed credit) initially made loans to communes.

What do you need to know about repayment of loans?

Repayment Explained. When consumers take out loans, the expectation by the lender is that they will ultimately be able to repay them. Interest rates are charged based on a contracted rate and schedule for the time that passes between when a loan was given out and when the borrower returns the money in full.

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