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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are CS fluid power?

Found ed in 1977 Chyannq Shyr Industry Co Ltd or CS Fluid Power Co Ltd has become a world leading solenoid valve manufacturer specialising in all kinds of fluid and gas control.

What kind of solenoid valves does ccsics make?

CS manufacture an extensive range of Brass 2/2 way 3/2 way threaded, flanged and manifold mounted solenoid valves, Stainless Steel 2/2 way, 3/2 way and manifold mounted solenoid valves and Plastic (Delrin) or PTFE solenoid Valves.

Who are the manufacturers of high pressure solenoid valves?

CS Fluid Power Co Ltd also manufacture high pressure solenoid valves in Brass and Stainless Steel for pressures up to 150 Bar, High Temperature Steam and Hot Oil solenoid valves up to +200°C, Flanged Solenoid Valves, Solenoid Valves with Manual Over Ride, and Solenoid Coils with CSA, UL, CE and IP68 Certification.

What are the different types of 2 2 way solenoid valves?

2/2-Way Solenoid Valves 2/2-Way Solenoid Valves |forged-brass body|stainless steel body|PTFE body|P.O.M. body|cast-iron body| forged-brass body Small-flow,direct-acting,normally closed valve,with forged-brass body and waterproof coil.

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