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Can billionaire Mark Cuban get consumers to lower drug prices?

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is pushing back on high U. S. drug prices. He’s put his name on a venture that aims to lower retail spending on generic medicines. And his novel approach just might work-if he can get consumers to cooperate. Wp Get the full experience.

Is the Cuban regime a dictatorship?

Many on social media criticized BLM for the comments and also took aim at the Cuban regime, pointing out that it is a dictatorship.

Is BLM siding with the Communist overseers of Cuba?

"In siding w Communist overseers in Cuba BLM Inc has laid bare to the world that it was never about race so much as destroying America and pushing Marxism," Schlapp wrote. "Siding w Castroism over oppressed Afro Cubans is a tipping point.

Why did BLM issue a statement about Cuba and the embargo?

Black Lives Matter (BLM) has faced backlash for a statement about the country and the long-running U.S. trade embargo. The organization issued the statement via Instagram amid rare protests in the country against the nation's authoritarian Communist government. BLM urged the U.S. to "immediately lift the economic embargo" against Cuba.

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