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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do cube ebikes come from?

These eBikes come straight from the factory in Germany to the USA ready to crush whatever trail, road, or bike lane you want to ride. Cube offers the attention to detail of a boutique brand, but with a selection that ensures you can ride a Cube electric bike no matter what type of rider you are.

Are Cube Bikes any good?

Cube covers the full spectrum of electric bicycles and does it all with incredible builds powered by the always reliable Bosch motor. This brand prides itself on unique, high quality bike builds in all categories of electric bicycles. If you want a Cube bike, there’s one for you no matter if you shred hard or cruise easy.

What is cube?

Automating regulatory compliance for global financial institutions. CUBE is a powerful RegTech solution that delivers unprecedented cuts in regulatory costs, and minimizes your risk of non-compliance - whichever jurisdictions, states or countries you operate in. We automate the capture of global regulatory data,...

How has the Cube helped your company?

The cube has helped my company manage our sales process, customer projects, and employees much more efficiently. As a fast growing company, the Cube has helped keep complex tasks simple and streamlined.

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