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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CX mean in text?

Get a cx mug for your Uncle José. Get a cx mug for your bunkmate Manley. Cx is a phrase used by Ice Poseidon aka Paul Denino which on the surface he claims is a smiley face, but in reality is an abbreviation for Child eXploitation.

What is a CX mug?

Get a Cx mug for your coworker James. Cx is a symbol used by a notorious cult known as the Purple Army led by Paul Denino, or Ice Poseidon as he is called on the streets. This ruthless cult rules the streets of both Los Angeles, Varrock and Edgeville.

What does cxacronym stand for?

Acronym Definition Cx Customer Cx Culture (e.g., bacterial) Cx Customer Experience Cx Christmas Island Cx Context (Novell Netware) Cx Cancel

What is Customer Experience (CX) and why is it important?

What is customer experience (CX)? Customer experience (CX) refers to how a business engages with its customers at every point of their buying journey—from marketing to sales to customer service and everywhere in between. In large part, it’s the sum total of all interactions a customer has with your brand.

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