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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the CX-52 become popular?

Despite a slow start – mainly caused by the implementation of the The Gentleman's Agreement – the machine became very popular. By the mid-1950s, it was already used by 50 countries [3] . In 1970, the CX-52 was succeeded by the electronic H-460 .

What is a CZ 52?

The CZ 52 is technically known as the vz. 52; the Czech military designation. It's often referred to as the CZ 52 to differentiate it from the vz. 52 rifle, which entered the export market before the pistol.

What was the difference between a CX-52 and a class-1 machine?

According to the The Gentleman's Agreement — it controlled which machines could be sold to whom — Hagelin had secretly designated a range of version and variant numbers, which were not printed on the machine's label. He identified the CX-52 as a Class-2 machine, which was more advanced than the C-52 — a Class-1 machine.

Why did Hagelin sell the CX-52 to Brazil?

In 1960, Hagelin sold a large batch of CX-52/RT machines to Brasil, but this met with fierce opposition from NSA / CIA, as Brasil was on the proscribed list (the list of countries to which secure machine had to be denied) — which Hagelin didn't have.

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